Spring/Summer 2014

Supima Design Competition
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week | Lincoln Center | New York, NY

“Insides” explores the hidden physical and personal inner self which is often draped with exterior layers of life and superficiality, outwardly presenting a sculptural shield and façade while inwardly revealing intricately intimate detailing.  This capsule collection is made of five Supima cotton fabrics, transformed from their raw states into elegant evening wear textiles and garments. The 3D printed neck and belt pieces fluidly mimic the articulated DNA –like manipulations, uniting the material, texture, and structure of the collection.


  • Designer: Hannah Soukup
  • Photographer: Vital Agibalow  
  • Photographer: Michael David Adams  
  • Make-up Artist: VIktorija Bowers  
  • Hair Stylist: Radmila Borkovic   
  • Model: Alexandria Serafini - Maggie Inc. and ADAM Models 
  • 3D Collaborator: Ludovico Lombardi 
  • Special Thanks: Ann Soukup, Mark Soukup, Hannah Subotnick, Donna Gustavsen, Jacqueline Siefert, Élise Pelletier, Chaz Aracil, Margaret DeCubellis 
  • Jacquard Products 
  • Meadowbrook Inventions Inc.  
  • Materialise

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